FUNK Rhythm Guitar METHOD

Learn to play FUNK RHYTHM GUITAR from beginner to advanced level!

COMPLETE “FUNK RHYTHM GUITAR METHOD” Click / Tap here to Download TABS (PDF) & Backing Tracks (Fast & Slow MP3)!

Chords, riffs, picking are indicated in the TABS (high quality PDF). The backing tracks (high quality MP3) are at full speed and half speed and are about 3 minutes long each one so you can practice and become a FUNK GUITAR MASTER!

Chapter 1 – Basic Patterns

Chapter 2 – 3 Patterns & 3 Chords

Chapter 3 – Minor Funk

Chapter 4 – Slide Pattern & Tritone Fills

Chapter 5 – 16th Shuffle Single Note Riffs

Chapter 6 – 16th Shuffle Swing Feel Chords

Chapter 7 – Chords & Single Note Riff & 32nd Ghost Fills

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